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EMC Short Portrait & Aims:
We open up the markets of the world for you

EMC is an international operating Foreign Trade and Service Company,place of business is Würzburg/ Germany, the company was founded in 1998, the international network we are working with is existing over 20 year.

We have specialised ourselves in attending and supporting companies to open up foreign markets - aiming at increasing the competitivness our clients in getting international.

Foreign companies with a diversified range of products come and export their goods to your market. The market share of your home products become smaller, in the best case they stagnate.

To secure the success in the long range, companies have to define and well-establish their export policy for the european and non-european countries.

Here most of the companies enter new territory. Market analysis, product analysis, competitor analysis and distribution strategies have to be developed.

The possibilities of entering a new markets are various - which decision is the best one and garanties the greatest success ?

With our partner offices in 45 countries of this planet, we offer you a powerful international network. The experienced partners in all countries help you active in entering new markets, in selling products, in founding joint-ventures or in building up a foreign production.

Your benefits:

• You will be quicker and more flexible.
• You will save costs.
• Whilst you take care about your accustomed markets, we develop your entry in your future markets.